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CBC Yardsale - Update
The CBC Yard Sale held Saturday, April 8, was a resounding success with $750 being raised from the sale of merchandise contributed by our Club members. A big thank you goes to Margaret Barksdale and Frances Lawton for organizing, categorizing, and pricing the sale items. Also thanks go out to Frances McMeekin, Pat Cathey, Scott Dunn, and Beth Watson for staying after the game on Friday afternoon to help organize the sales area and placing the merchandise out on display. Additional thanks go to Lee Webb, Mary Frame, and Frances’s husband Charlie for being there on Saturday morning to haggle with the customers and to Kathy Kimmerling for help with publicizing the event. And one big thank you to all the Club members who contributed their unwanted items for the sale.

We had a number of items that were not purchased so we are keeping them in storage and plan to have another yard sale sometime in early May. So if you have any more unwanted items you want to donate, please do so at any time. A specific date will be publicized shortly.

Board of Directors Nominations
The Nominating Committee members have met and reviewed all of the nominations made by Club members. They are pleased to announce Scott Dunn and Carolyn Cromer as candidates for 3-year terms as Members-At-Large. The election will be held at the General Membership Meeting at 6:00 pm on May 15, at which point additional nominations will also be accepted from the floor.

Respectfully submitted,
The Nominating Committee
Frazer McCrory, Chair
Bob McCardle
Sallie Blackwell

2017 Nominations
Columbia Bridge Club has 2 board members whose terms will be up May 31; Scott Dunn and Carolyn Cromer. We need 2 board members who are willing to serve a 3 year term.

I am pleased to announce the members of the 2017 nominating committee: Frazier McCrorey will be the chair along with Sallie Blackwell and Robert McCardle.

Please contact any of these three if you would like to nominate a board member. The nominee must be asked if he or she will agree to be nominated and are willing to serve for three years if elected.

The annual General Meeting to vote will be on Monday, May 15th at 6:00 PM.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Lee Webb
CBC President

Columbia Regional 7/31 - 8/6
Columbia will be hosting the District 7 Mid-Atlantic Regional this summer at the DoubleTree by Hilton, located at 2100 Bush River Road. The tournament flyer can be found here. For hotel reservations using our group code, click here. Contact Lee Webb or Chris Webb for general tournament questions, or Betsy Stanton for partnership information.

Dear Columbia Bridge Club, 

I wanted to share some updates with you regarding the building. The board met in December and approved interior updates and renovations to the building pending repair to the building’s leaks.

1. Permit and license requirement
2. Material handling/disposal fees/consumables
3. Erect perimeter partition walls with insulation
4. Add HVA/C drops
5. Modify switching/add outlets
6. Install new light fixtures
7. Install insulated acoustical ceilings
8. Add walls in classroom
9. Update director’s desk

Insulation, upgrading lights, and lowering the ceiling will improve our cooling and heating efficiency. The saving in our monthly utilities would be approximately $120.00 per month, which off sets the difference in the increased mortgage amount. The board voted to proceed pending having leaks repaired. 

The advantages for doing the renovation at this time are several. The interest rate is excellent. The new lighting, insulated walls and ceiling and HVA/C changes should be much more economical. The appraised value of the building will go from “warehouse” to office building” which is very important were we to decide to sell the building. These renovations will increase the beauty of the building as well as the comfort level of the members.

The contractor has agreed to work with the club around our schedule at no extra cost, so we do not have to go to another facility or shut down for a long period of time. The estimate for completion of the job on this weekend schedule is 6 weeks. If we were to shut the club down for construction, the length of time to completion is 4 weeks. 

The plan is for the crew to work on Saturday after the game, all day Sunday, and Monday prior to game time. We will cancel Sunday games until construction is complete. The construction will begin as soon as the leaks are repaired. The crew will do their best to leave the club as found but things may be rearranged. We must all be patient during this construction and pitch in and help if something is in disarray. 

This is an exciting process for the club to finish the interior, one of our goals when we moved into the building. Our goals are to make the building more energy efficient, comfortable for all parties, improve the interior appearance, and add value to our existing structure. I think we will all enjoy this over years to come. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. 


Lee Webb
CBC President
803-331-6894 cell phone

Board of Directors Change
Hello CBC members,

Lewis Cromer has reluctantly decided to step aside from the board due to recent outside obligations requiring more of his attention. He will remain chair of the Ethics Committee. It is my pleasure to appoint Carolyn Cromer to complete his term on the board, she has graciously agreed to this commitment.

Please join me in welcoming Carolyn to this position.

Lee Webb
CBC President

New Open Side Game and New Scoring Correction Policy
At the December Board Meeting, the Board of Directors approved a new open side-game on Tuesday afternoons. This game will begin on the first Tuesday in January. The game is open for all players, not just those with 1500+ MP. So grab your favorite partner and make plans for Tuesday!

Additionally, a new score change policy was adopted. Beginning in January, score corrections will only be accepted immediately after the game. Once you leave the building, it is too late to request a score correction. This policy is in-line with policies at tournaments and will also greatly reduce the work our Game Directors do. So, please check your scores on the BridgeMates and check your burger after the game.

New Life Masters

We salute the following Columbia Bridge Club member for their achievement of obtaining the rank of Life Master:

  • Mohan Bali January


  • Sue Hopke February


  • Judith Sellers November
  • Greg Garrison November
  • Ellliott Bonnette August
  • Belford Cross June


Welcome to the Columbia Bridge Club website.

CBC promotes the game of duplicate bridge in this community. Our Club provides a range of opportunities for players of all levels to join in the play, have fun, meet new people and learn more about the game. We are a Zero Tolerance* club, which means we insist on courteous behavior at all times. Please read our About Us. CBC is located at 77 Brighton Hill Road, Columbia, SC 29223.

Activities include:

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