Katz and Cohen--Update

I received this response from a member.

Frances, this is a brief synopsis and not meant to be an authoritative piece.

Regarding Dr. Richard Katz and Larry Cohen (CA):

After the resolution of their lawsuit, each player enjoyed some success at the national level with other partners. Katz played with Bobby Levin and Kerri Shuman, but not as a regular or extensive partner of either. He won and had several high finishes in the 80s and 90s. Dr. Katz had a successful medical practice and returned a couple of years ago. He became a Grand Life Master in 2006 and said that he enjoyed playing in the 1960s with Oswald Jacoby, in the 1970s with Larry Cohen and in the 80s and 90s with Bobby Levin.

Cohen enjoyed some successes. I think he won an important event playing professionally on the Cliff Russell team and did well in (or perhaps won) several other events.

Although they had some good wins, neither player was a major factor on the national scene, certainly not in a way to rival their previous success.

Dr. Katz is a very nice gentleman and I am not certain that there is a concrete consensus that they engaged in unethical activities. At the time of the incident and the trial, there were several articles in “Sports Illustrated” you can look up on-line and a book favorable to Katz and Cohen written by them and the inventor of the system they played called "Breakthrough in Bridge" is available.