CBC, 77 Brighton Hill RoadCBC, 77 Brighton Hill Road
December Charity - PALSS
The December Local Charity is Palmetto AIDS Life Support Services or PALSS. Palmetto AIDS Life Support Services was formed in 1985 to help South Carolinians fight the war against AIDS.  They offer FREE services to people who have been diagnosed with or at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, and they also work with their loved ones. You or someone you love may be living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. They are in need of testing, counseling, food, housing, transportation and other support. PALSS is able to provide assistance through a variety of programs and services – many of which are free of charge to you. In addition to the charity games, we are also collecting donations at the Directors’ Desk.

Winter 2018 Classes Announced
The classes for Winter 2018 are Play and Learn Beginning Bridge, Planning to Win, and Inspired Declarer Play. You can find more information under Education.

Congratulations to Mary Ann Cross who was elected as Vice President of the Columbia Bridge Club! Since she is filling a vacancy, her appointment is effective immediately.

Withdrawal of Candidacy
Mary Townhill has withdrawn her name as a candidate for Vice President. The VP candidate, Diana Ellis will be presented to the membership at the called membership meeting on Monday, December 4th, 2017. Absentee ballots will be accepted with write in candidate options until 5:00 pm on the 4th. Floor nominations will be open during the meeting.

Congratulations to our CBC member Hap Neuffer
Hap Neuffer finished first in District 7's NAP Flight A in Spartanburg, playing with Hugh Brown from McCormick, S.C. What an accomplishment in this tough field. Hap and Hugh have qualified to compete in Philadelphia NABC in March of 2018. The entire Columbia Bridge Club congratulates Hap and is so proud of one of our own. We wish you all the best in the NABC competition.

CBC President Lee Webb

Vice President Slate
The Board has called a Special Membership Meeting for December 4th at 6:00 pm (during the Winter Party) to hold an election to replace the Office of Vice President. The nominating committee presents the slate of candidates: Diana Ellis and Mary Townhill for consideration for Vice President. Additional nominations can be made from the floor immediately preceding the vote. For anyone who won’t be there but would like to vote, please get an absentee ballot from the Game Directors (or download one here) and return to them before December 4th. The Absentee Ballot must be returned in a sealed envelope with your signature on the back side of the envelope in order to be counted. You may mail to: Columbia Bridge Club Attn: Membership Meeting 77 Brighton Hill Road Columbia, S.C. 29223 or give to a game director.

Called Membership Meeting December 4th at 6:00 pm
With regrets and many thanks for all his service, the Board of Directors accepted Ed Young's resignation as Vice President. The Board has called a Special Membership Meeting for December 4th at 6:00 pm (during the Winter Party). At this meeting an election to replace the Office of Vice President will be held.

A Nominating Committee has been formed with Beth Watson (chair), Bernetha Henry, Shelby King, and Jay Shahani. The nominating box will will be out. Please remember that you may only nominate one person for the position and you must have their permission. To nominate a candidate, please write the nominee's name on a piece of paper, sign the nomination with your name, and put it in the nominating box by Friday, November 17th at 4:00 pm. The slate of candidates will be announced by Monday, November 20th. Also please remember that in order to be eligible to vote, you must be current on your dues and have played in 10 games in the previous 12 months.

The Atlanta Autumn SuperSectional scheduled for November 8 through 12 has been CANCELED.
The reason for this last-minute cancellation of the tournament is due to renovations at the Marriott Atlanta Perimeter Center not having gone according to plan. This
makes playing there as scheduled impossible. We tried arranging for a new site, but due to the late notice by Marriott, the available space we found was insufficient to accommodate our bridge tables.

We are trying to salvage the Atlanta NLM NAP district finals and will post a notice on the website when we finalize a location for the event.

New Evening Game Start Time
Dear CBC Club members,

The CBC board met on October 2nd. With the recommendation of the director committee, and with unanimous board approval, the evening games will begin at 6:30 as of November 1, 2017. This will include the Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday games evening games.

The membership committee received many requests to start evening games earlier. An earlier start time did not deter those who work and would allow those playing to get home sooner.

We feel this time change will benefit the entire club We hope to see you at the games.

Lee Webb
CBC President

When you have entered your final score, the Bridgemate will say “End of Session”.

Look for the word “Rank” in the window of the Bridgemate.

Press the “Rank” button (just below the word) and that will give you the current ranks and percentages for the 2 pairs at the table at the end of the session.

North/South Pairs: Next to the word “Rank” it will say “Game Summary” in the window. Press the button below that and you will get the list of scores for the North/South pairs.

East/West Pairs: Clear the Bridgemate and press “OK”.

Press “OK” to start the Bridgemate again.

Put in the Section letter of the game if it isn’t already there. Press “OK”.

Put in the Table # where you are sitting. Press “OK”.

Press the button under the word “Rank”. Put in your Pair # and then press the E/W button. Press “OK”.

Press the button for “Game Summary” for the scores for the East/West pairs.

Fall Classes Announced
The Fall classes at the CBC will be a Beginner's Class, a Defense Class, and the second half of the Play and Beginner's Class. Click here for more details.

Tuesday Afternoons in August
At the July 3rd Board of Directors Meeting, the Board unanimously approved a proposal that, starting in August, the Tuesday afternoon game will be an open section and a 0-499’er section.

Club Positions and Appointments
At the June 12th Board Meeting, the following appointments were made:

  • Education Coordinator: Mary Townhill
  • Head Director: Mike Bitonti
  • Treasurer: Pat Webb
  • Club Manager: Craig Lemrow
  • Sectional Tournament Chairs: Chris Webb, Lee Webb
  • Non-Life Master Sectional Tournament Chair: Sue Hopke
  • Ethics Committee: Lewis Cromer, Jay Shahani, Scott Dunn
  • Webmaster: Scott Dunn
  • Website Committee: Scott Dunn, Jack Self, Dot Jones, Lee Webb
  • Member Outreach: Brent Holcomb
  • Financial Review Committee: Janet Sheridan, Beth Watson
  • House Committee: Lee Webb, Bibs Hurt, Janet Sheridan, Carolyn Cromer, Ed Young
  • Membership Committee: Lee Webb, Craig Lemrow, Scott Dunn Mary Frame, Kathy Kimmerling, Beth Watson, Mary Anne Cross
  • GNT organizer: Brent Holcomb
  • Steering Committee: Lee Webb, Bibs Hurt, Beronica Whisnant, Buddy Cullum, Roy McCrorey
  • Facility Supervisor Grounds: Hillary McDonald, Bibs Hurt
  • Facility Supervisor Inside Physical Building: Jack Self, Scott Dunn, Lee Webb
  • Publicity Chairman: Kathy Kimmerling

For a list of responsibitlies for each position, click here.

New Board Members
At the May 15th General Membership Meeting, Scott Dunn and Mary Frame were elected to the CBC Board of Directors. Both Mary and Scott will serve a three-year term.

Kathy Kimmerling and Craig Lemrow finished 2nd in the Flight C GNT in Morganton on May 7th. This is a great accomplishment and they are now qualified to participate in the Mini Spingold at the Toronto Nationals this summer. They will receive a stipend from District 7 for the trip. They won 2.81 Gold points! Way to go you two!

New Open Side Game and New Scoring Correction Policy
At the December Board Meeting, the Board of Directors approved a new open side-game on Tuesday afternoons. This game will begin on the first Tuesday in January. The game is open for all players, not just those with 1500+ MP. So grab your favorite partner and make plans for Tuesday!

Additionally, a new score change policy was adopted. Beginning in January, score corrections will only be accepted immediately after the game. Once you leave the building, it is too late to request a score correction. This policy is in-line with policies at tournaments and will also greatly reduce the work our Game Directors do. So, please check your scores on the BridgeMates and check your burger after the game.

2015 – 2016 Cup Race Winners
(For the Most Masterpoints Won at Club Games)

  • Sol Lourie Open: Jay Shahani
  • Henry Mills Under 2000: Al Kirkland
  • Coleman-Farrell NLM: Dot Jones
  • Centurion Under 100: Janet Sheridan

2015 – 2016 Bob McMahon Winners
(For the Highest Average Percentage Game)

  • Over 2000: Hap Neuffer
  • 1000 – 2000: Bill Charlwood
  • 300 – 1000: Scott Dunn
  • 0 – 300: Sue Kline

If you are a club member, you can access the membership information by logging onto this website and going to Members Only to obtain names and numbers of partners or pick up a membership list at the club. Members Only is on the lower left hand side of the page.

Hand records are given out for all games.

Looking for a Partner?
Brent Holcomb is Partnership Chair for non-club members for club play. His contact information: 803-772-6919; e-mail: Also try the Forum Looking for a Partner.

Stratifications for regular club games:
B--750 to 2000
C--0 to 750 or NLM (Non-Life Master)